About Us

Welcome to SerumPresets.com! I'm Tom :)

When Steve Duda from Xfer Records released Serum, I was blown away. From the moment I got my hands on it I knew it was a game changer, and knew straight away I wanted to master it. That's why since its release I've committed a lot of my time to learning it inside out and creating sounds that I personally would use in my own productions and also that I think others would appreciate, henceforth serumpresets.com was born!

I'm currently based in the wonderful city of Leeds in the United Kingdom, dedicating most of my time towards my freelance sound design work. I'd assume most people arrived here from my youtube channel but if you haven't checked it out yet I post tonnes of free educational content for Serum on there as well as the patches I release on my website: 


I'm always open to work with other sound designers and producers so if you think we could collaborate feel free to get in touch!

You can contact me at: tombeven@live.co.uk

Thanks for checking out my content, and have a nice day!