Xfer Serum Tutorial - Future Deep House Bass November 11 2014

In this video I dive into some informative but concise theory around how you can go about creating a modern deep house preset using serum:

To start off, I dive into the sub oscillator within Serum, a really useful way to sort out the low end of your patch from the get go. Many people over-think the low-end of a bass preset and think too much over how to get a full, pure sub sound. In reality it's really quite simple; a sine wave is the purest of all tones and therefore is the best choice for the sub of a sound. The level parameter in the sub oscillator (amplitude) is being modulated by envelope 1, which as demonstrated is programmed to have a pluck character. This results in the short stabby bass sound we are after.

In addition to the sub oscillator, the noise oscillator has also been creatively programmed to add some attack to this sound. This makes sure that the bass sound will cut through a mix. Simply select the noise file you want to use from the drop down list, make sure the one shot button is selected and use the envelope already mentioned to add a little bit of amplitude.

This simple but effective bass only makes use of oscillator A on the main page with the Debussy wavetable selected. 3 voices in unison have been used to make sure the bass sounds thick but still tight. The same envelope controlling the amp level of the sub oscillator and the noise oscillator is being used to modulate the level of oscillator A, in order to result in a consistent sound.

The filter section makes use of the French Low Pass filter, again being modulated by envelope A. It's important to mention that only oscillator A is being routed through it. This is because we want to sub and noise oscillator to bypass it, mainly so that the attack of the sound being provided by the noise oscillator doesn't get hidden and stays consistent regardless of the filters cutoff.

Finally, in order to make this bass sound less dry, a simply reverb effect was used alongside the hyper/dimension effects. Makes sure that the mix of the reverb isn't too high as we still want the bass to be clear in the mix. Also make sure to use the low frequency parameter to cutoff any muddy low frequencies.

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